​Beginning on January 1, 2019, candidates for RAA, RMSAA and CAA designations will require Leadership Training Course LTC 503 to the requisite requirements of established criteria. In addition, Leadership Training Course LTC 510 will be required for CMAA designations. 

To be eligible for certification under the current criteria, all course requirements for any designation must be completed prior to January 1, 2019. 

Thanking you in advance for your continued support of the NIAAA Leadership Training and Certification Programs. 

​​​Bob Cilento, Cape Henlopen
Andy Dick, Dickinson
Chris Eddy, Wilmington Charter
Fred Johnson, Lake Forest
Keith Neff, Mt. Pleasant
Joe Papilli, St. Elizabeth’s
Jeff Ransom, Wilm. Friends
Bill Schultz, Smyrna
Rick Shea, Brandywine
Matt Smith, St. Mark’s
Mike Wagner, Exec. Director
Jaivon Wesley, St. Andrew's
Mark Robinson , St Georges

Dave Collins, Hodgson

Nick Pegelow, Sussex Tech

Todd Fuhrmann, Indian River

Lauren DiSabitino, Padua

​Colleen Kelley, Middletown      

Jim Berger, Delmarva Christian
Larry Jacobs, Concord
Ryan Winkleblech, Milford
Darwin Manges, Woodbridge
Kevin Smith, Polytech


  • Lindsay Brown, Padua - "Developing an Emergency Action Plan for Our Athletic Facilities"
  • Bob Beron, Caesar Rodney - "Updating & Revising The Coaches Handbook"​
  • Mike Hart, Salesianum - "Developing an In House Coaches Certification Program"
  • Jeremy Jeanne, Glasgow - Creating a Coaches Handbook"
  • Pat Jones, Tatnall School - "Reviewing and Revising our Coaches and Athletes Handbook"
  • Pam Love, Wilmington Christian - "Character Development for the 21st Century Athlete"
  • Joe Thomson, Wilmington Friends - "Designing a Comprehensive Website for Coaches, Parents and Athletes"
  • Tom Neubauer , DIAA - 'Statistical Analysis of the AD Population in Delaware"


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